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Dave's Story

Dave is from Melbourne, Australia, he’s been a personal trainer and wellness coach for over 25 years. Dave’s worked around the world with the best in the industry, Charles Poliquin, Wim Hof, Ido Portal, James LaValle and Reed Davis to name a few. He’s spent countless hours and a small fortune learning directly from the most knowledgeable experts in their field. Dave’s helped thousands of people with their health and wellbeing goals.

Dave’s Purpose

Dave sincerely wants to help people feel amazing inside and out and to steer people away from blindly chasing the purely aesthetic look, they see on the cover of magazines. He believes in focusing on what’s happening on the inside (gut health, stress management, inflammation) just as much as the outside (movement, body fat).

Dave’s passionate about exposing people to varied styles of exercise, from yoga to strength training, or gymnastics to heavy lifting. While repetition breeds retention, Dave is a firm believer in variety. Embracing new and creative ways of moving and eating is not only good for the body, but also the mind.


Dave’s chosen life path is to help as many people take control of their health and lifestyle as possible. To improve the quality of life for individuals and the community around them. His methodologies are disruptive and confronting at first but his ability to relate, educate and empower the people around him is what makes Dave a passionate leader in the health and wellbeing community.

As a founder of 5th Element Wellness, since departing, Dave has nurtured and built a 10,000+ strong community of clients, coaches, educators and health professionals alike. Dave has helped thousands of people reap incredible benefits by healing their gut using his unique knowledge, and gut repair techniques. Dave’s also helped people with serious health conditions such as heavy metal issues, digestive stress issues, multiple sclerosis, PCOS, CFS and many more serious health issues with his Gut Repair Protocols.


If you can learn how to use your mind, anything is possible. Developing mental strength, human connection and making good decisions with your health builds your desire to thrive. Dave’s aim is to help you forge an unwavering belief in yourself and to see yourself as you truly are: an enduring source of endless potential.


There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

Gut Health

Our second brain. The state of our gut has a significant impact on the quality of our lives both in the short and long-term. Good Gut Health means boosted energy levels, clearing skin issues, removing brain fog, strengthening the immune system, and improving body composition.


Applying stress to the body is a good thing. It allows the body to adapt to its environment, making it stronger and more resilient. Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving, we just get stronger and more resilient.

Good Stressors

Positive stressors such as cold therapy, sustained cardio and resistance training, as well as human connection and a desire to thrive are all foundational themes in driving Dave's passion for empowering others to realise their own potential.


Did you know there are more organisms making up your microbiome than there are total cells in your entire body? That’s why our gut constitutions are as unique as our individual fingerprints. With each of us being so entirely different, no two health journeys are the same. Our food choices need to support the current state of our microbiome.

Honoured to be sharing my knowledge to those who are committed to investing in their education and their health. Those that are open to evolve through grit and experience! I'm always open to sharing my journey and knowledge about gut health around the globe.


Mark Kluwer
  • Gained 6kg muscle & leaned up
  • 50 year old with spirit of a teenager & the body of an athlete 
  • Proved change is always possible 
Gen D’Rozario
  • Improved gut health & relationship with food
  • Achieved her long desired physique
  • Welcoming a new baby into the world
Richard Jeremiah
  • Gained 9.4kg of muscle leaning out 3.4%
  • Overcame gut health problems
  • More productive and capable at work
James Erbe
  • Gave up on stimulants and feels incredible
  • Healed years of ongoing lower back pain
  • Got lean and solved gut issues
Melissa Kiraly
  • Overcame multiple sclerosis & now training 5x per week
  • Detoxed huge amount of lead
  • Now practises gratitude everyday
Duane Stagoll
  • Overcame gut issues & aggressive heavy metal detox
  • Dramatically improved cognition & energy
  • Lost 8.8% body fat and gained 6.7kg muscle
Dominic Cooper

Acting can have huge demands! Not everyone has the ability to remember large amounts of lines in a script and then blurt them out on screen. It requires great patience and a supreme memory as well.

James Doyle
  • Healed gut problems & embraced vitalising breathing techniques
  • Dropped 11.1% fat & gained massive 14.3kg muscle
  • Increased stress & resilience, boosted work productivity
Tara Hoger
  • Solved aggressive digestive stress issues
  • Learned to embrace a positive relationship with food
  • Dropped 8.8% body fat and gained 7kg of muscle