How do I speak with Dave Directly?

Anyone can book in a 1:1 call directly with Dave – visit the pricing page to book a consultation

When is Dave’s next ice bath event?

Dave is always invited to cold therapy and breathwork events – check the events page on the site for his upcoming events around Australia

How much does it cost to work with Dave?

Incorporating the Dave O’Brien method can range from $200 for his digital protocols to $5,000 (AUD) for multiple 1:1 sessions with Dave Or you can come along to one of the many events hosted by Dave each month, tickets can be purchased on the event page

Is Dave’s philosophy effective with anyone?

Dave’s methods have helped thousands of people around the world with their health and wellbeing practices. Dave doesn’t claim to be a ‘guru’. Everybody is different and it’s important that you understand your body, it’s limitations and your motivations before committing to any form of health and wellbeing practice

I’m having problems with purchasing a product – Please help?

We’re sorry you’re having difficulties – email us at

I want to work with Dave but I don’t know where to start – Where should I begin?

Congratulations , you’ve made a very important step forward. If you’re still unsure where to begin your journey – book in a 30min consultation via with Dave’s team to determine what’s best for you

I want to join an event but they’re all sold out – Can you help?

We’re sorry you couldn’t squeeze in this time – Email us at and we’ll see if we can help you out

Where is Dave Located?

Dave’s based in Melbourne, Australia but due to his community commitments he’s working and moving all over the world each year (covid permitting). Check out Dave’s Instagram to see where he is @dave.o.brien

Where does Dave get his information from?

Dave’s been working on his passion for nearly 30 years, he’s spent 10,000+ hours helping people, a small fortune on degrees and working with some of the worlds best holistic health practitioners. He’s also a partner, a father and real down to earth human that loves to keep learning.

I can’t afford any 1:1 time with Dave but I have some serious and urgent health issues – Please help?

Dave and his team are always keen to find ways to help as many people as possible – Shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do to help you –

I have a complex question that I think Dave can help me with but I don’t want to book in a 1:1 – How can I do this?

Dave records a live Q & A session every Thursday evening on his instagram – If you put your questions in the Q & A comments, Dave will do his best to answer these – If you can’t wait we suggest you book in a a time to speak with him directly – You won’t be disappointed with what you can learn about your body.

Ask Me a Question

Dave’s always keen to hear from you and does his best to answer all of his community’s questions in his live Q & A’s every Thursday on his instagram page @dave.o.brien. If you would like to speak with Dave directly you can also book in 1:1 consultation via the products page. We look forward to hearing from you.