Bloods analysis consultation


Dave conducts an analysis of over 50 blood markers to optimise health, restore balance and correct nutrient deficiencies. Often underlying conditions present in the blood through subtle, yet complex presentations of metabolites and other indicators. This is the preferred initial consultation for many of Dave’s clients.


Acceptable ranges of biomarkers within the blood are a generic target set for 97-98% of the healthy population. However, these are often not reflective of optimising health, nor to they account for low/high range readings. “Normal” is not “optimal.”

When Dave looks at your bloodwork, he is looking to OPTIMISE your health. He wants you to not just survive, but to thrive.

He pours over your test results with a fine toothed comb and puts a protocol together that involves a multi-faceted approach.


  • 1.25 hour comprehensive analysis of over 50 blood markers
  • Supplement protocol based of current blood work
  • Nutrition outline to support bringing internal environment into a more optimal state
  • Lifestyle suggestions to compliment supplementation and nutrition outlines
  • Whether you are wanting to combat disease, improve athletic performance, or get on top of lingering health issues, this consultation is for you.