Stools consultation


Analysis of current microbiome state, including identification of any pathogenic bacteria or parasites, interpretation of current beneficial bacteria status and a protocol to help restore health.


If you have had ongoing digestive and neurological issues that you have never quite gotten to the bottom of, then a stool test analysed by Dave O’Brien might be what you need.

This 1 hour consultation will take a deep dive into the current state of your microbiome. It will uncover any possible pathogenic bacteria such as an overgrowth of candida albicans or a possible parasite such as blastocystitis. This comprehensive analysis will also interpret what your current beneficial bacteria ratios are, and what needs to happen in order to optimise them.



  • 1 hour comprehensive consultation interpreting your stool analysis results
  • Supplementation protocol tailored to your stool test results
  • Nutrition outline based on stool results with the intention of optimising/improving your current internal environment
  • Lifestyle modification strategies to compliment supplementation and nutrition outlines